With the ability to now provide greater versatility and range in what you can print. Digital printing technology can be used to offer vibrant and durable printing without limiting you to minimum order quantities or associated setup costs. 
A new era of high performance digital printing materials now means that you do not have to compromise on quality when ordering your own great custom designs. 
Digital print techniques vary depending on your design. We automatically choose the best match for your requirements and discuss any alterations that may help to improve on your final product.
The final print will be dependant on the quality or size of design that is provided to us.
We can still print blurry images or lower resolution images but you need decide if thats going to work for what you need.
For example if its just a joke tshirt with a photo taken from facebook you probably dont need it to be a HD image to get the desired outcome.
The simplest way to check the print size is to get your image or photo up on screen and just zoom in until it is as big as you would like it to finally be printed.
A typical chest print on a tshirt is generally 26cm across, so just a bit shorter than the length of A4 paper as an example of scale.
You can usually see from your screen if the image starts to look blurry or stays nice and crisp.
For any Pixel Image or Photo based designs a good resolution to work to is 200dpi.
Also keep in mind the physical size in CM of your image.
Make your artboard page A4 or A3 and this will help.
You can save with .JPG which saves your image with a solid white background.
Or save with .PNG which can save your image with a transparent background. (the original image has to have no background to start with)
ADOBE PHOTOSHOP & GIMP are examples of Pixel Image or Photo Image editors.
With Pixel Images you can scale down and make smaller but it will become blurry as its scaled up.
Vector designs and artworks used for graphic logos and text based designs can be uploaded as .PDF .SVG or .EPS and will remain a scaleable vector.
ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR & INKSCAPE are examples of a Vector graphic editors.
Unlike pixels, Vector designs are created with lines and filled areas which are redrawn by the computer each time so it can be scaled all you want without loss of quality.
Uploaded Vector designs can also have the colours changed within the online designer.
Pixel or Photo images are set as they are and cant be changed online. This needs to happen beforehand in programs like Photoshop.
If you need us to take a look or go over what you need then just get in touch, we will be happy to help out.

Flex banner

For designs that require solid colour and a screen printed style without the setup of traditional ink printing we use Flex. The process uses an outline (vector graphic) of your design which is then traced and precision cut from a coloured Flex material. The design is then heat pressed under high pressure and permanently bonded to the garment. Resulting in a professional, highly durable print that will hold its colour and form wash after wash.
Things to know:
  • Great for bold and vibrant prints.

  • Perfect style for logos, sillhouettes, wording, designs of up to 3 colours and vector artwork.

  • Fantastic durability and colour retention (will not fade).

  • Note: Very large designs (e.g covering the whole front or back of a tshirt) may reduce the breathabilty of the garment as the Flex itself is not a breathable material.

laser contour banner

When it comes to full colour artwork we turn to our CMYK printing to reproduce your designs. We have options for both White garments and Coloured garments.

White coloured garments:

White garments are printed using CMYK full colour process with a transparent background. Print images are precision contour cut to leave only the printed area of the design. Completed prints are then bonded at high temp and pressure. The result is a lightweight print with vibrant colour, great detail and a professional finish.

Things to know:
  • Great for full colour images and designs.

  • Is a lightweight print with no visable background.

  • Sweatshirts and hoodies will be printing as a dark print.

  • Note: Mainly reserved for use on white items, can be used on light colours but the final design will be tinted with the garment colour.

Black and Coloured garments:

For dark coloured garments you always need a white base underneath to allow the colour of your printed design to show correctly. For this we use a thin white flex carrier that is printed with your full colour design. We create a precise outline around your design and trim away all the excess to leave only the printed area. As with the White print it is bonded under high temp and pressure onto your chosen item. Similar to a Flex print you do not want to print a very large block design as it will feel heavy and reduce the breathability of the garment.

Things to know:
  • Great for full colour images and designs.

  • Vibrant colours.

  • Stong and durable print base.

  • Note: Very large designs may be heavy and reduce the breathabilty of the garment.

Flex banner
For any decorated product always we recommend treating with care. This will help retain the very best print results and increase longevity of both print and garment.
  • We highly recommend to wash inside-out at low temp (40c max) and line dry. 

  • Do not iron directly over the top of the print.