SCREEN PRINTING (View Pricing Example)



Screen Printing is probably the most well-known way to print tshirt designs. Tried and tested for years, it is the favoured choice for the majority of popular high street brands. Just look at any of your own tshirts and they will most likely be printed using Screen Printing.


How Does It Work?

  • A screen needs to be made to hold the design pattern. This is a rectangular frame with a fine mesh stretched across it.
  • A special emulsion coating is applied to the mesh and left to dry.
  • The design is printing out onto a transparent sheet as a solid black print and placed over the coated mesh.
  • An ultra violet light source is shone onto the design/mesh. The black design areas on the transparent sheet will stop the light getting through to the emulsion leaving the visable areas to be set and cured.
  • The emulsion that was blocked by the design and not cured on the mesh will be washed away leaving a perfect stencil of the design.
  • Finally the screen is then laid into position over the garment. The ink is then pushed through the mesh to create the print.
  • To complete the process the newly printed item is run through a dryer to cure and permanently bond the ink.

Screen Printing will require a new screen for every individual colour used in your design.

For example, a yellow square printed with a black outline will require 2 screens, 1 for the yellow and 1 for the black.

A base print of white will be required on most dark coloured garments to prevent the print from becoming dulled by the dark fabric colour.

Each colour is applied one at a time so the cost for each colour used with your design is charged as extra.

Add this to the cost of a new screen for each colour and you can see how the set-up for Screen Printing can quickly become uneconomical for smaller quantities.

Screens will be saved for a 6 month period so if you are looking to order the same design again within that time frame you will not have to pay any new setup fees.

For further information feel free to contact us directly or ask for a custom quote.




When looking to order a screen print design there are 2 costs involved.


Screen Set-Up

This covers the cost of having the design made into a screen.

Screen setup costs are around $60 per screen. The charge is a one off fee and we store your screen for 6 months. If reused within a 6 month period the time will be extended a further 6 months and so on. If not used within that timeframe the design will be cleared and screen recycled.

A screen is used for each design and for each separate colour printed. So if you print a 1 colour design on the front and another on the back of the garment it will require 2 screens. If you are using the same design on the front and on the back then 1 screen can be used to do both prints.


Print Charge

The print cost is simply the charge per print (the garment price is added depending on choice). The costs are calculated based upon the print being identical on every garment. Extra colours are calculated as a small addition to the 1st colour.

Charges may be required for dark coloured garments and speciality fabrics (polyester/technical/sportswear). Also larger or oversized design areas and irregular placements.



Screen Print Pricing

Screen Print price breakdown can be seen in the table below.

As garments are all different values they need to be added in separately.

An example for 20 tees (price includes tshirt):
20 Standard Fit White Tees
Single Colour Print
Setup Included
Price Per Tshirt @ $17 each (Total $340.00). Subject to gst


Screen Print Only Price List
Based on 1 design placement. Garment not included in price. Subject to gst.


Standard lead time is around 14-21 working days. Please call if you have any questions or wish to discuss your designs.



If you want to find out more then get in touch and we will be happy to help. Find all our details on the CONTACT page.